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Make Your Events More Amazing

We offer a professional platform for Live Event Pay Per View Hosting that's designed to be more efficient and profitable for promoters and easier to use for viewers.

We have built the best platform

There are so many pieces to the live streaming puzzle. We've put thousands of hours in to making all of the puzzle pieces fit together correctly. Our platform is available on multiple devices, works flawlessly for viewers and can handle millions of viewers at once. With no strain on any resource. We've built it right from the ground up to be reliable and profitable.

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Let us handle customer support

You have enough to worry about with promoting your event. We can take the pay per view hassle off of your hands and make adding video to your events a benefit not a requirement.

Combat Sports Now has excellent customer service.

The right platform for the best promoters.

Learn why our platform is the best platform for your events.


Our promoters on average earn 100% more on pay per view events than with other platforms.

More viewers

We can accommodate millions of viewers with no drop in quality or usability for the end user. They just get a high quality feed in real time delivered to anywhere on the planet.


All aspects of the platform are built security first. From payments to streaming, we have built it with security front and center.


We can offer stream distribution to any other platform (Facebook, Youtube, etc.). For pre-show events, free previews and free events, we can distribute your feed anywhere you want.


We have a comprehensive reporting suite that can show you where you stand at any time. Realtime sales reports along with other data, keep you informed.

Repeat Customers

Our viewers return again and again for events and every promoter we've had has run multiple shows with us.


We have realtime email communication with viewers and phone support during your events to help everyone get access and enjoy your event.


We have a presence on all major social media platforms and can help you reach more people through our platform and utilizing your own, better.


Take your events to the next level.

Learn how we can help you reach more viewers and promote your events better.

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