Xtreme Knockout 54

Fight Card

Bout Level Type Weight Class Fighter vs Fighter Rounds/Mins Info
7 Professional MMA Lightweight (155lbs)
William Starks vs Milko Tucto 3 x 5 Min

Main Event

6 Professional MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Evers Anderson vs John Tao 3 x 5 Min
5 Professional MUAY THAI Welterweight (170lbs)
Nicholas Collazo vs King Mille 3 x 5 Min
4 Professional MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Chris Pecero vs Jacob Capelli 3 x 5 Min
3 Amateur MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Tony Tran vs Landon Kelly 3 x 3 Min
2 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Caylon Capelle vs Gilberto Melara 3 x 3 Min
1 Amateur MMA Super Heavyweight (lbs)
Cameron DeLaVega vs Ricky Rojas 3 x 3 Min

This fight card is NOT considered the Official Fight Card.
Changes can and do occur, We make every effort to keep this fight card up to date but mistakes happen.
Due to the violent nature of combat sports, card subject to change.