XKO Live from Dallas

Fight Card

Bout Level Type Weight Class Fighter vs Fighter Rounds/Mins Info
13 Amateur MMA Heavyweight (265lbs)
Eris Alvarado vs Jakori Savage 3 x 3 Min
12 Amateur MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Jonathan Gibson vs Harrison Layne 3 x 3 Min
11 Amateur MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Aaron Peterson vs Landon Kelly 3 x 3 Min
10 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Delmer Pierce vs Gilberto Melara 3 x 3 Min
9 Amateur MMA Middleweight (185lbs)
Andrew Striblen vs Antonio Lopez 3 x 3 Min
8 Amateur MMA Lightweight (155lbs)
Gavin Ceniseros vs Jose Davila 3 x 3 Min
7 Amateur MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Andy Blair vs Taquan Wiley 3 x 3 Min
6 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Vladimir Sotelo vs Moein Afshar 3 x 3 Min
5 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Sam Morris vs Tyler Murray 3 x 3 Min
4 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Aaron Mick vs Austin Henry 3 x 3 Min
3 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Dominick Rich vs Chigozie Ekwuribe 3 x 3 Min
2 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Shanna Aberson vs LaNia Richard 3 x 3 Min
1 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Michael Bryant vs Hawnhee Kim 3 x 3 Min

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