Premier MMA Championship 17

Fight Card

Bout Level Type Weight Class Fighter vs Fighter Rounds/Mins Info
10 Professional MMA Middleweight (185lbs)
Ravon Baxter vs Jayden Taulker 3 x 5 Min
9 Amateur MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Nick Wells vs Tom Kizer 5 x 3 Min
8 Amateur MMA Heavyweight (265lbs)
Dylan Rinck vs Dylan Budka 5 x 3 Min
7 Amateur MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Josh Black vs Terrence Owens 3 x 3 Min
6 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Isaiah Whittle vs Trea Butler 3 x 3 Min
5 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Jose Otero vs Justin Schleben 3 x 3 Min
4 Amateur MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Peyton Spurlock vs Derek Mahlenkamp 3 x 3 Min
3 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Todd Box vs Jake Tewert 3 x 3 Min
2 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Alan Garrod vs Dusty Little 3 x 3 Min
1 Amateur MMA Heavyweight (265lbs)
Cody Sheroan vs Jesse Cantrell 3 x 3 Min

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Due to the violent nature of combat sports, card subject to change.