2021 King of WV Round 2

Fight Card

Bout Level Type Weight Class Fighter vs Fighter Rounds/Mins Info
10 Amateur BOXING Heavyweight (265lbs)
Garry Roland vs Luke Grizzle 3 x 2 Min
9 Amateur BOXING Heavyweight (265lbs)
Deric Gibson vs Andrew Tidd 3 x 2 Min
8 Amateur BOXING Heavyweight (265lbs)
Jereme Browning vs Brandon Boggs 3 x 2 Min
7 Amateur BOXING Heavyweight (265lbs)
Matt Adams vs Jesse Byron 3 x 2 Min
6 Amateur BOXING Cruiserweight (200lbs)
Mitchell Reynolds vs Robert Nicewander 3 x 2 Min
5 Amateur BOXING Cruiserweight (200lbs)
Keynan Williams vs Ladre Stallworth 3 x 2 Min
4 Amateur BOXING Cruiserweight (200lbs)
Tyler Ainscough vs Zack Gillenwater 3 x 2 Min
3 Amateur BOXING Cruiserweight (200lbs)
Arthur Brown vs Brendan Kelly 3 x 2 Min
2 Amateur BOXING Super Lightweight (140lbs)
Zakari Mott vs Jacob Ray 3 x 2 Min
1 Amateur BOXING Welterweight (147lbs)
Justin Milam vs Brett Summers 3 x 2 Min

This fight card is NOT considered the Official Fight Card.
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Due to the violent nature of combat sports, card subject to change.