Ohio Combat League 13

Fight Card

Bout Level Type Weight Class Fighter vs Fighter Rounds/Mins Info
15 Professional MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Nikolai Gionti vs Brandon Birr 3 x 5 Min
14 Amateur MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Joshua Pierreira vs Mason Deless 3 x 3 Min
13 Amateur MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Melvin Harris vs Josh Visokey 3 x 3 Min
12 Amateur MMA Welterweight (170lbs)
Alonzo Turner vs Chase Boyde 3 x 3 Min
11 Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight (205lbs)
Vincenzo Marinucci vs Blair Phillips 3 x 3 Min
10 Amateur MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Jessica Emerick vs Whitney McHaffie 3 x 3 Min
9 Amateur MMA Lightweight (155lbs)
Max Metzgar vs Jared Gerber 3 x 3 Min
8 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Asher Frederick vs Latavious Harris 3 x 3 Min
7 Amateur MMA Lightweight (155lbs)
Devin Rhodes vs Nick Walls 3 x 3 Min
6 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Jacob Bostic vs Alan Liu 3 x 3 Min
5 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Dustin Shaffer vs Colby Potts 3 x 3 Min
4 Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight (205lbs)
James Ritchie vs Nate Hash 3 x 3 Min
3 Amateur MMA Featherweight (145lbs)
Jake Hyer vs Nick Durst 3 x 3 Min
2 Amateur MMA Bantamweight (135lbs)
Nate Morse vs Richard Gelpi 3 x 3 Min
1 Amateur MMA Flyweight (125lbs)
Jordan Burkholder vs Michaelangelo Turner 3 x 3 Min

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